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About us

Freund Legal is a Beverly Hills law firm specializing in intellectual property, entertainment and internet concerns. The firm provides top quality legal services on a local, national and international level. Since its founding, the firm has established a respected position in the music, film and digital businesses. Also a formidable litigation enterprise, Freund Legal has secured trial verdicts and judgments in excess of one hundred million dollars around the world, while also providing sure defense against claims of equal consequence.

In addition to imparting counsel on intellectual property and internet issues to prominent figures and companies, Freund Legal has been influential in setting numerous significant legal precedents including: Polydoros v. 20th Century Fox; McCall v. Four Star Music; Downing v. Abercrombie & Fitch; Swirsky v. Mariah Carey; and Richlin v. MGM. The firm has also assisted many important international brands with their trademark, domain name and brand recognition issues, from Callaway Golf to Omaha Steaks to Quiksilver, and Everlast.

Each of our lawyers practices with a blend of enthusiasm, equanimity and aptitude that is unmatched. Offering real value compared with many of our larger competitors, Freund Legal’s consistent, quality results demonstrates both our commitment to excellence, and a sophistication that belies our size.




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